Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Animal Lover

Last week we headed out to the fair. The one night we could go and get in free, it poured rain. I am very thankful for the rain, but it made it difficult to contain two toddlers in a small barn with animals! 

 No surprise here. Our little sweet pea loved feeding the animals!

First stop with the donkeys.

Next up the cow. At first she fed her, but I guess she didn't like her liking her hand because she started throwing the food into the pin.


Much bigger than Joe, but M didn't mind!

Checking out the bunnies and chickens.

  I love this girl!!!

This little goat didn't care that Madeline was all out of food...he went straight for her shirt!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Proud Mommy of a Preschooler

Madeline starts her third week of preschool tomorrow. I am sure some of you have seen a few of these pictures on facebook and by e-mail, but I wanted to include here.

Her she is on her first day, eating her favorite breakfast pancakes and strawberries! 

Looking cute in her 1st day of school outfit.

Getting buckled in by daddy.

Carrying all of her belongings into school (backpack, lunch and nap mat) 

Giving mommy a sweet hug before we dropped you off in your classroom. 

Wearing your backpack on your second day of school.

I look at these pictures and I cannot believe that I have been blessed with such a sweet little girl who will be two years old in less than a month and a half. Where has the time gone? Baby days are slowly fading away and toddlerhood is in full swing. You are such a big girl, talking in sentences, singing songs, feeding yourself, sleeping in a toddler bed and you are starting to be more independent each day. You have blossomed into such a sweet little girl. You are growing up way too fast, but I am enjoying each new phase. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuzzy Friend

As most of you know, we have a love/hate relationship with our cat Jade. Most of the time we tolerate her, but Madeline on the other hand loves her!

I am not sure I have ever seen a cat with as much patience with a toddler. Madeline gives her kisses, hugs and even lays on her. She doesn't mind the majority of the time, but when she gets sick of it she normally runs off and hides.

She even kisses Madeline back!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catchup Time Part 2

We headed to P-ville early August to celebrate Uncle Devin's birthday. You enjoyed jumping on the trampoline at Granny and Gramps' house.

Gymnastics kicked off around the same time. You are a pro now and I can definitately tell the difference from the summer session. We know go on a week night and daddy is able to join us. 

Here you are doing you very first flip. We are so proud of you!! We had practiced through out the day on the bed. We knew you had it in you, but you are a little unsure of the helpers.

We headed to Arlington to celebrate your Aunt Allie's birthday. We headed over to Aunt Kathy's house to celebrate and swim.

Dressing up is one of your favorite things lately and you also like to get daddy in on the fun!

Had smores for the first time... I think you like them!!


Megan came for another visit before she headed off to school. You both painted beautiful artwork.

Trying to get the most pool time this summer to cool off from the heat.

This was your first day of Kindermusik. You are in a class with about 6 other kids. Usually you like to watch everyone else while we are in class, but when we come home you remember what we did and show daddy.

 Finally you have discovered stickers... and you LOVE putting them all over yourself and on others. I keep finding stickers that have fallen off here and there.

Playing with some bubbles while you were out for another swim.

You also got you very own library card. It is nice to have a new variety of books available to read. You still love love to read and have a good memory. You are starting to remember different parts of the books and pretend to read them on your own. 

Hopefully this month I will not get so behind on blogging. Kid you are growing up way too fast!!!!!