Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello is anybody out there?

I am sure all 7 of my readers are extremely disappointed in my lack of posts, but honestly I got behind and  was overwhelmed with catching you up. Our lives are not overly exciting, but a lot has happened in the last 6 months. First of all, Madeline turned 2! We celebrate with a birthday party with friends and family. The girl was RIDICULOUSLY spoiled.

Believe it or not, I finally completed my research project and I graduated with my Masters in Family Ministry early December. Two years in the making, but thanks to my good friends Lauren and Amanda for kicking me in the booootay, I finally finished. I am not using my degree per se, but I have it and I will some day.

Christmas came around and we enjoyed another Christmas at our house, spent time with our families and enjoyed the break.

She wanted Elmo jammies this year. Very excited for Santa to come. 

She discovered how to climb into Granny and Gramps' fridge. She may have had a little encouragement from uncle Devin.

Madeline decided she was tired of using diapers and we embraced the idea of getting a raise!!!! We don't have to buy diapers anymore, but we have bought our fair share of Hot Wheels. Judge me if all you want, but she loves those cars!

Towards the end of January our first nephew was born. Boy do we love him!!! Madeline loves having a baby cousin, so much she has named one of her baby dolls after him. Although at our house Tanner wears pink. Not so sure that would fly at his house!

We celebrated Valentine's day with this cutie. 

Crusin' in her new golf cart the first time the weather warmed up.

Hosted us at her school. Muffins for moms and donuts with dad. 

Yes she is toooo cool for school! 

Finally after two years this cutie has hair and needed her first haircut. She did amazing. Who wouldn't want to drive a yellow car, watch Dora and eat a sucker while getting a new do?

We made several visits to see family. Madeline is quite the gardner these days. She helped Poppy and me plant veggies in our gardens. Can't wait to see how they all turn out this summer! 

We visited Tanner again. Can't believe how much he has grown. She is in LOVE with this little guy.

Watched Megan hoop it up in Lubbock. 

Splashed in some great puddles. Tried out the rain boots for the first time. After this we made several of our own "puddles" with the water house. Please don't tell the city. We might have wasted some water.

 We have done lots of work around the house. Added a deck/sitting area in the front, cleaned up the yard and replanted and mulched the flower beds, and painted the front door.