Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let Me See You All Jump, Jump, Jump

Madeline and I met up with our friend Landry and Jill at The Jump Around. We met the Jill and Landry while in the NICU after Madeline was born. Landry too was born a little early and spent a few weeks in the NICU as well. We really got to know them pretty well and have stayed in contact. Fast forward and here we are both we healthy strong almost 20 month old toddlers!!!

Good friends from birth! Isn't he a lil' cutie. Madeline is jealous of all of his beautiful hair! :) Maybe one day she will have as much hair.

Landry showed her the ropes.

They even explored the big kid area and went down the big slides.

Of course Madeline found the radio and was bustin' a move.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream

Who doesn't love some Dairy Queen? Especially on a day with 100 degree temps.
This little girl loves dipped cones (as do her mommy and daddy).

She really would rather have the chocolate part.

After that is all gone she is ready for the ice cream cone. That might take a little more work plus daddy's was already to the cone and he was willing to share.

So why not just take his from him....

but he might want it back. If you want to eat the cone first go to the bottom. Besides, who really cares about the ice cream anyway?

The Boots are NOT made for Walking

This is for you Auntie Lala!!!

Auntie Lala, the world traveler, brought these boots back from China almost a year ago. They finally fit, but they are not made for real walking. This kid was sliding all over the place and almost did the splits. Poor Madeline couldn't figure out why we kept laughing at her. Not only are they very cute, but they are quite the entertainment! Thanks Auntie Lala! We miss you!

Daddy/Daughter Date

My sweet husband decided to have a little date with our sweet pea, also giving this wore out momma a much needed break! :)

For their date the headed to the Abilene Zoo to check out the animals and ride the new train. Unfortunately the train only holds about 10 people and over 75 were waiting in line. Mike didn't want to try and wait in line with a almost 20 month old right around nap time.

She did feed some of the animals and enjoyed her time with daddy.

He stopped by the snow cone stand for a treat, but who knew those places didn't open until 3? The came home empty handed, but went back later in the afternoon and even invited me! After she came back all she wanted to do was hang out with her daddy and honestly I didn't mind one bit. I hope this is the first of many daddy/daughter dates!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finger or War Paint?

While at the lovely Wal-Mart I picked up some finger paint for Madeline. I thought by putting a small amount in each cup it would cut down on the mess....boy was I wrong.

Right off the bat...hands go into the paint and onto the clothes

then onto the face.....

on the shirt some more...notice the mischievous face here.

Looks more like war paint to me! haha!

Her finished art piece that now resides on the fridge and now a bath!

Grace Museum

Madeline and I have been out of the house more this week. This morning we slept in a little later than normal (a good thing since there have been many sleepless nights around here), but she was ready to go "bye bye" after breakfast. I hadn't plan on leaving the house today, but she was at the door to the garage trying to open it, crying and saying "bye bye." How could I tell her no? Good thing I am a softie.

I have wanted to visit the children't museum at the Grace, but for some reason still hadn't. We loaded up and headed downtown.The elevator ride up and the older man at the door scared her a little. I really think she was afraid of being left there. Sometimes you would think that she gets left more often than she does by the way she acts. Finally she warmed up to the toddler area and had a good time.

After meeting a new friend she worked up the courage to explore the other areas in the museum. Her favorite part was "riding" the ambulance. Since our house is relatively close to Metrocare we see and hear ambulance sirens often. She is very familiar with their sirens and enjoyed making her own siren noise while driving.

Friday, June 24, 2011

VBS and Father's Day Weekend

Last week our church hosted VBS. Each year we end up teaching/leading a group of children. This time we worked with the 3 year olds. Most of the time we lead them through different activities and centers.

Madeline spent each night next door in the nursery. It was hard getting a wound up child to bed every night, especially when she was out of her routine and teething at the same time. She did really good nonetheless and had fun.

The last night is always family night and each kid is encouraged to bring their family to church to enjoy dinner and other fun activities. This year they had an outdoor concert, bounce house and snow cones. Since Madeline is a little young for all of the activities we enjoyed sitting out with some of our friends and listened to music.

Here is our cutie enjoying a cookie. I don't think there is a cookie she doesn't like. Can't blame her though! :) Doesn't she look cute sitting in her big girl chair.

She is notorious for stealing sips from our Sonic cups.

She cracks me up in this picture. As you can tell, she was not interested in sitting in my lap.

After we came home she "helped" me water all of my flowers outside. She managed to get watered herself! haha Don't worry this cup was refilled with water.

Friday my parents and brother came into Atown for a little visit. Unfortunately we spent the first several hours of their visit without air conditioning, but don't worry we did what anyone else would. We left the house and enjoyed free AC and dinner at Jason's Deli. Thanks to my wonderful husband, we returned to the house with a working AC! We left thinking we had time to eat before the repairman arrived, but as soon as we ordered and sat down he was on his way to our house. Thankfully we have a little life left in our old AC, but it needed a new fan motor.

Saturday we cooked out and Madeline enjoyed some pool time in her new pool. As you can tell by the smile on her face....she was quite excited. Asia was too, but she soon found out the pool was not for her.

Of course we all sat around the pool and watched our little sweetie. No wonder she LOVES being the center of attention. After all that is what she is 90% of the time.

She also played with Joe for a little while

and enjoyed a good bedtime story.

Talked Gramps into coloring before church

and picked out her own shoes for church! :)