Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet Jax

If you read this post then you already know about this little guy. Mike looked for months for a little dog for Madeline. He found a cute little dog online and submitted an application to adopt from a rescue shelter located in Waco. The crazy people we are, even planned on making a "quick" drive there and see what we thought of him. It didn't work out and last minute, like 20 minutes before a local shelter closed, Mike suggested we check out their dogs. As soon as we walked in Mike eyed this little guy who feel instantly in love with Madeline. I can't blame him though! :) Within 30 minutes, after filling out some paper work and a short phone call to the boss of the shelter we were proud owners of another fuzzy little creature. WE MUST STOP!!! The people to animal ratio at our house is 3 to 5. We have to be careful because they might try and take over the house. We love animals here, what can I say? Thank goodness the turtle lives outside and we own a good vacuum because having 4 animals in your house that shed makes a lot of mess!


Jax is a little over a year old and he is definitely ALL boy and puppy. Mike kind of likes having another male in the house. He loves this little girl and would sleep with her if we would let him. 

She loves him too! She tries to pick him up and carry him. She even considers him her little friend and wants him with her all of the time. The way I look at it, he is a lot cheaper than a little brother and it gives our other married siblings some time to have cute babies that I can spoil and give back. :) Plus he lets us sleep all night! :) 

He misses her when she is sleeping so much that he needed to get in between her laundry while I was folding it.

Even his big sister like him too! OR maybe she likes getting on the couch. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ladybug Ladybug

In my opinion, this is the cutest ladybug I have ever seen. I might be slightly biased! 

 She dressed up for Kindermusik, the fall festival at church, and for her preschool. 

She loaded up on some candy, enjoyed some games, and jumped in the air castle. 

We even met up with little E. As you can see he was so over his costume. 

I think we have a WNBA star on our hands...whaddya think?

She loved the fishing game. Who knows, she might be Gramps' new fishing buddy. As long as he lets her catch fruit snacks. 

She was pretty excited to have her mommy and daddy at her preschool fall festival. She even got a few lessons on golf from daddy or maybe it was lots of candy from his bucket. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Love

The month of October was filled with lots of time with family!! We love it when family visits!

This may or may not be the reason Madeline received a little puppy for her birthday. Ella love riding in M's car and enjoyed joining Madeline in divahood! :) 

She has everyone wrapper around her finger...including her great grandma. She is one blessed little girl in the grandparents department!

We also spent some time Red Raider country (in case you couldn't tell by all of the red and black.) 

We were able to catch this little cutie playing some soccer. 

This picture makes me laugh. I think she forgot she was playing soccer and started playing basketball! ha!

We even cheered the Rangers on all the way through the World Series... although don't think they heard us, but there is always next year. What's a baseball game without a recliner, snacks and a cold drink?

 Madeline had her first big day at school. Grandparents were invited to spend some time at school and were celebrated by Grandparents Day.

This kid was sooo excited to have representation from both sides of her family. She sure loves her grandparents....each and every one of them. 

Phillips family representin' 

 and the Sims' too! She didn't take it very well when we all left without her, but she was glad they both made the trip to A-town.

Pumpkin Patch 2011

I think I got caught up with reading other people's blogs so much that I completely neglected my own. So I am going to catch you up a little bit as to what's been going on in the Phillips' casa!

Early October we meet up with some of our friends and their son (aka Madeline's future hubby) for some fun in the pumpkin patch. DRI is a local place that holds a pumpkin patch each year as a fundraiser throughout the month of October. It is a lot of fun and they have tons of pumpkins. They even give you a cart to pull around, or that allows your daughter to fill it up. I think we made it home with 17 pumpkins!! What can I say she is cute and why not? It was for a good cause! Madeline was disappointed though. All she wanted to do was ride the tractor, but they shut they hay rides down at 5 and we didn't get there until after 6. We were hoping the would break the rules after they saw the alligator tears and her mini meltdown, but it didn't work.

When we were walking out the door Madeline fell and hit her head on one of the drawers on the linen closets. Needless to say I have never seen so much blood from one little spot. We contemplated taking her to the ER, but it eventually quit and she wore her bandaid proudly! It did leave a small scar though.