Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Crusin'

Watch out Abilene! Someone knows how to drive! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun on the 4th

I just realized now that it is August, I didn't post our 4th of July pictures. There were too many cute ones not post and share. We headed up to Mike's great aunt's house the weekend before the 4th. It is always nice there because it is way out in the middle of nowhere, they have many acres in between them and any neighbors, everyone tries to make it out there, and we eat LOTS of good food! This year, was by far the best. Families are getting bigger and there were 7 kids under the age of 8!
 Talk about a good time. 

This is M with her Great Uncle Johnny. He is teaching her to sit on his very well behaved and good natured dog. 

He then told her to pull up his ears. Good dog didn't mind one bit! 
You see where Madeline gets her love for purple? Her great aunt Lydia also loves purple. 

Holding two of my favorite kids. Can you believe how big Tanner is getting?
 Me either. He is growing up too fast! 

The kids played with bubbles, chalk, and water guns while the guys shot guns and clay pigeons. 
I love seeing all of the kids in this picture. Makes my heart full knowing they will grow up together and remember these traditions. 

Madeline also enjoyed playing with Johnny's "toys". You know how she loves anything that has wheels and drives! 

I have to include this pic for laughs. Lesson here is don't fall into a food coma
 otherwise you will be the target of many pranks! 

The wagon is always a big hit with the little ones. We took a tour down the driveway to checkout the windmills.

Tanner even joined the fun. Can you tell Auron (Madeline's cousin) likes to pose for pictures? 
He posed and smiled almost every time I took a picture. Sweet cousins! 

This picture cracks me up. Auron was making sure Tanner didn't fall out of the wagon. 

Taking the easy ride back to the house. Little Miss Independent wanted to pull the wagon all by herself. 

Over all we had a great time with Mike's family. It is always nice to see everyone.