Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roundup Sunday

Each year our church has a "Roundup Sunday" to kick of school and the end of summer. It is supposed to be a time that attendance is back to normal and we are all back in our routines. Mike and I have enjoyed attending each year which involves a church-wide barbecue and various outdoor activities, however this year was definitely the best. It was Madeline's first "Roundup Sunday."

She visited the petting zoo. A local farm brought goats, horses, rabbits, sheep, and a calf.

If you look closely you can see Madeline's future boyfriend Ethan, with his dad Jeff. :)

I think she is going to be an animal lover, but we already knew that! Maybe we can talk her daddy into getting a horse.

Since I was wearing a skirt, Mike took her on her first horse ride. HSU's brought a few of the Six White Horses. I am not sure why the horse has a crazy eye in this picture!

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  1. i think this post just proves, yet again, that mike is way more country than you.