Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumkin Patch + Caramel Apples = Fall

We had a few visitors this weekend. My sister, her husband, and our niece came to visit alllll the way from the LBK. While they were out car shopping, we snatched Megan and headed to DRI annual pumpkin patch. Not only do they have lots of pumpkins, put it is an annual the proceeds go to a good cause! We had a good time, but it is hard to believe that it is even time for pumpkins...

Megan was excited to the leave the parentals behind...can't you tell?

Don't worry folks....she was only acting... this was her idea of posing!

We thought it would be easiest to pull them around in Madeline's wagon...also helped carry our pumpkins around!

We couldn't keep her sippy cup out her mouth, but finally you can see
her pretty little face!

BCF (Best Cousins Foeva)

Posing again.....(I think the legs on this thing are a little creepy though!)

We also went on a hay ride....The girls both loved it!! Looks at Madeline's arm on Megan... too sweet.

After we had dinner we made some delicious caramel apples!!!! Yes.. my crazy sister was trying to get an action shot...she thought it was appropriate to stand on the counter! Let me remind you, she is 5'10 and I am 5'3....not so sure why she need stand up there, but whateva! :)

Eating the leftover caramel.

The finished product!!!

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  1. Yum! Jealous--caramel apples are my favorite!