Tuesday, April 5, 2011

17 Months

You are growing extremely too fast!!!! In the last few months you have changed so much. You are an independent little girl. Your vocabulary has increased and you are constantly saying new words, even ones you pick up on your won (not only the ones we coach you to say.) Lately, you want to sit in my lap for a story, to play with toys, or just to be close and I absolutely LOVE it! Especially when you wake up in the morning you like to sit in my lap and drink your whole sippy cup of milk. You love playing in the toilet paper and daddy and I still think it is so stinkin' cute, but we think that way about everything you do.

You are a good little helper. You like to help with the laundry, close doors, shut me in my closet, pull out clothes that have been folded, and get things out of the my organized pantry and bring them to me. :)

You enjoy being outside. Sometimes after you wake up from a nap you want us to pull your curtains back and open the blinds so you can look outside. If you see a bow or a hat lying around you want to wear them. (I LOVE that you want to wear all of your pretty bows!!!!!) If you find a pair of your shoes you ask us one of us to put them on you. A girl who loves shoes and accessories = a girl after my own heart!

Asia is your pal. She is so tolerant of you and loves on you every chance she gets. Addie still tolerates you, but loves you when it is snack time. Jade likes you too, but you don't understand when she wants to be left alone.

Sometimes you are fearless and other times you are very careful. You like to climb on things all by yourself and you think you need to walk everywhere. You are so curious and enjoy exploring. You also can throw a mean temper tantrum when you do not get your way. Obviously you get that from your daddy!

You are doing so well in the church nursery and enjoy playing with your friends. You still love to read and play with your books more than any thing else. You like to sing and be sung to, even with my not so hot singing skills! You are still such a sweetheart and we enjoy seeing your personality grow and show more.

We love you so very much and can't imagine life without you!

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