Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Love

The month of October was filled with lots of time with family!! We love it when family visits!

This may or may not be the reason Madeline received a little puppy for her birthday. Ella love riding in M's car and enjoyed joining Madeline in divahood! :) 

She has everyone wrapper around her finger...including her great grandma. She is one blessed little girl in the grandparents department!

We also spent some time Red Raider country (in case you couldn't tell by all of the red and black.) 

We were able to catch this little cutie playing some soccer. 

This picture makes me laugh. I think she forgot she was playing soccer and started playing basketball! ha!

We even cheered the Rangers on all the way through the World Series... although don't think they heard us, but there is always next year. What's a baseball game without a recliner, snacks and a cold drink?

 Madeline had her first big day at school. Grandparents were invited to spend some time at school and were celebrated by Grandparents Day.

This kid was sooo excited to have representation from both sides of her family. She sure loves her grandparents....each and every one of them. 

Phillips family representin' 

 and the Sims' too! She didn't take it very well when we all left without her, but she was glad they both made the trip to A-town.

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