Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

I LOVE LOVE the snow....especially when it means the hubby gets to stay home (a very rare occurrence) and play with us all day. The storm started last night with rain and sleet, followed by 6 inches of snow.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Madeline was also excited that daddy stayed home!

I decided to make up some blueberry pancakes for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch and Mike is cooking up some burritos for dinner as I type this! Although Madeline technically experienced her first snow last year during Christmas and was only a little over a month old, today was the first time we actually went out a played in it.

I don't know if it is because she is teething AGAIN, but she is soooo clingy lately and had little interest in the snow. We put her in the wagon and pulled her around....she did not like that and wanted to be carried. We thought this walking thing would give our arms a rest, apparently Madeline disagrees!

The dogs had a good time. Addie didn't like it at first, but it might
have something to do with her belly touching the snow.
After she grew accustomed to it, her and Asia had a blast.

Looks like we might have a snow day tomorrow too! :)

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