Tuesday, March 8, 2011

16 Months

I say the same thing every month because it is hard to believe how fast time flies. You are constantly changing and learning new things. You are more independent and such a sweet little girl.

  • New Words/sounds: mommy, cracker, apple, happy, yes, up, baaa, mooo, hair, head, poop, hat, papa, up, go, water, bed, yuck
  • Always chasing the dogs and you are determined to make Addie like you. You even give Asia hugs.
  • You get upset if I just leave the room...usually you follow me wherever I go
  • High fives
  • You clap like you are proud of yourself
  • Dancing...you bend your knees and raise you hands when you hear any music, but especially when music comes on unexpectedly
  • Still working on getting your molars
  • You love to check and see if daddy is home and wait for him at the window
  • You are such a strong willed little girl and you want to walk everywhere...and if we don't let you do what you want the fit starts
  • If we pat you on the back you think you have to pat us too! So sweet!
  • You love to to give hugs and kisses
  • Love going outside
  • You like to be the center of attention and like to get people's attention in public by laughing really loud.
  • You really like stuffed animals, balls, and books. You still love being read to and pretend like you are reading to yourself.
  • I think you have grown a little because your pants aren't dragging the floor anymore.
  • Still sleep 12-14 hours at night and take 1-3 hour naps.
  • Wear 12-18 months in clothing and 3 or 4 in shoes
  • When you eat something you like you always make a loud "mmmm" sound like it is the best thing ever.
  • You believe all of my things are meant for you.....anything from whatever I am drinking, my phone, makeup, etc.

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