Friday, June 24, 2011

VBS and Father's Day Weekend

Last week our church hosted VBS. Each year we end up teaching/leading a group of children. This time we worked with the 3 year olds. Most of the time we lead them through different activities and centers.

Madeline spent each night next door in the nursery. It was hard getting a wound up child to bed every night, especially when she was out of her routine and teething at the same time. She did really good nonetheless and had fun.

The last night is always family night and each kid is encouraged to bring their family to church to enjoy dinner and other fun activities. This year they had an outdoor concert, bounce house and snow cones. Since Madeline is a little young for all of the activities we enjoyed sitting out with some of our friends and listened to music.

Here is our cutie enjoying a cookie. I don't think there is a cookie she doesn't like. Can't blame her though! :) Doesn't she look cute sitting in her big girl chair.

She is notorious for stealing sips from our Sonic cups.

She cracks me up in this picture. As you can tell, she was not interested in sitting in my lap.

After we came home she "helped" me water all of my flowers outside. She managed to get watered herself! haha Don't worry this cup was refilled with water.

Friday my parents and brother came into Atown for a little visit. Unfortunately we spent the first several hours of their visit without air conditioning, but don't worry we did what anyone else would. We left the house and enjoyed free AC and dinner at Jason's Deli. Thanks to my wonderful husband, we returned to the house with a working AC! We left thinking we had time to eat before the repairman arrived, but as soon as we ordered and sat down he was on his way to our house. Thankfully we have a little life left in our old AC, but it needed a new fan motor.

Saturday we cooked out and Madeline enjoyed some pool time in her new pool. As you can tell by the smile on her face....she was quite excited. Asia was too, but she soon found out the pool was not for her.

Of course we all sat around the pool and watched our little sweetie. No wonder she LOVES being the center of attention. After all that is what she is 90% of the time.

She also played with Joe for a little while

and enjoyed a good bedtime story.

Talked Gramps into coloring before church

and picked out her own shoes for church! :)

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