Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grace Museum

Madeline and I have been out of the house more this week. This morning we slept in a little later than normal (a good thing since there have been many sleepless nights around here), but she was ready to go "bye bye" after breakfast. I hadn't plan on leaving the house today, but she was at the door to the garage trying to open it, crying and saying "bye bye." How could I tell her no? Good thing I am a softie.

I have wanted to visit the children't museum at the Grace, but for some reason still hadn't. We loaded up and headed downtown.The elevator ride up and the older man at the door scared her a little. I really think she was afraid of being left there. Sometimes you would think that she gets left more often than she does by the way she acts. Finally she warmed up to the toddler area and had a good time.

After meeting a new friend she worked up the courage to explore the other areas in the museum. Her favorite part was "riding" the ambulance. Since our house is relatively close to Metrocare we see and hear ambulance sirens often. She is very familiar with their sirens and enjoyed making her own siren noise while driving.

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