Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Easter 2012

Last year Madeline enjoyed hunting eggs for Easter, but this year we were able to explain what Easter is really about. I found a cute little book about Easter telling the story of Jesus that we have read several times. We talked about Jesus dying for our sins on the cross and that he went to heaven so he could live in our hearts forever. It amazes me to see her heart excited about Jesus at such a young age. She talks about him and she remembers that he died on the cross and that he lives in heaven with God. She said the cutest thing to her daddy while on a date with him. "Daddy Jesus is in my heart and I don't want to let him fall out." Praise the Lord she is understanding who and what God is! 
Sure made my heart melt!!! 

In case you didn't know what her favorite color is, you will by the end of this post! 

Woke up to her a little surprise at breakfast.

Since she was sick the week of Easter, we were not able to attend Easter service at our church. She dressed up for the occasion anyway! 

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