Thursday, June 28, 2012


June was a month of goodbyes for our family. Our good friends left Abilene to follow God's call to Macedonia as field personnel. If you don't know about their ministry you should check out their blog, It is amazing to see how God has worked through them the last year to prepare them for this awesome call. Selfishly we didn't want them to leave, but we know that they will do great things in Macedonia. We had dinner one last time before the left town. As you can see the kids are bffs. They had more fun playing with blankets and pillows. 

Nothing but giggles going on here! 

Lets take a trip down memory lane. We knew each other before babies. As you can tell Ethan and Madeline practically grew up together! 

I will miss the sweet moments like this. 

Ethan loved that Madeline had "new" toys to play and didn't care that they were pink!

Sweet friends!!

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  1. Sometimes I forget how small they were! We love you guys and miss you very much! Ethan thanks God for each of you every night! Every time we go to the store Ethan finds something pink, purple, minnie mouse or disney princess and says: "Madeline would like this, let's get it" and throws it in the basket! We talked him out of the 500 piece food set and baby furniture set...he doesn't understand the postage cost prohibitive!

    Lots of hugs!!