Wednesday, January 5, 2011

14 Months

Where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday we celebrated your first birthday. It is amazing how much you have changed in the last month! You are such a sweet little girl and it seems like you are looking more and more like a toddler....not so sure where my baby went. You are such a loving little girl and still just as sweet as ever!

You still love computers...

and you know who Jesus can pick him out in your Little People Nativity!
You still act silly and talk a lot!
You have also discovered TV....and like to watch Veggie Tales in the car...
  • You get excited when you hear the door unlock and crawl quickly towards daddy....and if he doesn't pick you up immediately you line him out!
  • when you are out in public you start laughing to get attention, but once you get it you act shy and make your audience work for a small
  • constantly look around at people and love other kids
  • you are taking some steps here and there, but you have little desire to walk
  • when you don't want to take a nap you start singing with me and give me usually I let you get back up and play
  • you have figured out how to throw good tantrums
  • you like to take your socks off
  • you climb up in your sport center and watch tv
  • bottom molars are working their way through your poor gums
  • give us hugs and sweet kisses (sometimes you stick you your tongue)
  • you love on everything and really like your little people
  • are fearless and have learned how to climb....which means you climb up on your bumpers and jump into your bed...on the ottoman, and anything possible
  • very sweet, but you are testing us more when we say no! (I think you get this from your daddy!!) haha
  • You have also learned to point and reach for things

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