Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

After a great weekend with friends, our house has finally caught up on sleep and are back on schedule. We had a mini vacation to Ruidoso and we had a blast!!!

We even got a little bit of snow on our last day there.

Friday afternoon we headed to Lubbock to drop off the dogs with my sister. She tried to get us to leave Madeline with her as well, but I told her it was important to see how well she took care of the dogs before we dropped off the kid! haha

Three families met up in Lubbock for the road trip. Mike told me all week I had to limit our "cargo" because there would be other stuff from everyone else to put in the Excursion.....good thing we have a big vehicle because when we go any where it is F.U.L.L. with all of the baby stuff, 2 large dogs and their beds and pillows, plus our stuff it doesn't take long to fill the truck....

We managed to get 4 adults, three little kids, a baby and all of our luggage plus food in the truck! Good thing Mike doesn't need to see out the back window! ha!

We meet up with the Major family in Ruidoso for a low key weekend. It really turned out to be more of a girls weekend, but the boys didn't mind too much.

The kids had a blast together and Madeline enjoyed all of the big girls taking care of her. They even helped her walk around some and know she is walking all over the place!!!!!!

It was sad to leave Ruidoso and was way tooo short, but we enjoyed ourselves. I miss those girls! We have known each other since junior high and became good friends in high school.

Although we live in different places (Lubbock, Amarillo and Abilene) we all managed to stay close and never miss a beat. We might still act like we are in junior high! ha!

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