Thursday, May 5, 2011

18 Months

Sweet sweet girl, it is hard to believe you are 18 months old! You are still such joy. You seem so grown up some times with the things you say and learn. Daddy and I love you so very much and we cannot imagine life without you. You are so sweet and loving.

  • You love wearing hats and bracelets.
  • If I ask you if you want to get dressed you always want a complete outfit including shoes and a bow. Even if we are staying home.
  • You enjoy being outside and playing on your new slide.
  • You like to drag at all your toys and hand them to one of us one by one. It is like you have discovered some of your toys that you forgot you had.
  • You like to make animal sounds and know about 10 animal names. You love any thing that has animals on it or in it, especially books.
  • You are eating so good and you are eating food other than rice.
  • We have not found a dessert you don't like yet!
  • You are still skinny and petite and weigh about 23 lbs and are almost 31 inches long. You are too long for 12-18 month clothing, but too skinny for 18-24 month clothing.
  • You are learning names of people in your family. You know how to say Chad, Jen Jen (Jenna), Mama, Dada, Asia, Bear (Addie), Gr Gr (Granny and Grammy), Papa, Graps (Gramps), Megan
  • When you see things you know the name of, you always let us know what it is called.
  • You are FINALLY getting your first molar (top right)
  • When you wake up from sleeping you always want something to drink to put you in a good mood. After you drink all of it in your bed, you say hi and are happy.

  • You love your babies. You think all children are babies.
  • When you are asked if you want to take a nap you always respond in the sweetest voice, "play?" As though you never get to play! haha
  • While in any public place, you always say hi to everyone regardless if they notice you are not. You also inform them that I am your mama and Mike is your dada.
  • When you see older guys with facial hair especially beards, you think it is your Papa.
  • You loved to be chased and tickled.

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