Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am not sure where the last 12 years went, but at the end of May my brother, the last kid in the Sims' clan graduated high school. I bet the teachers all celebrated that day! ha!

 When I left home and headed to Tech after graduating high school, my brother was only 6 years old and had only finished kindergarten. Here we are 12 years later, he is 17 and I will let you do the math on how old I am! ha! 

Here is a picture of my two favorite girls, Madeline of course and my niece Megan, before graduation. 

Here is a picture of our cute little family, with Megan of course! I miss that kid! Jenna if you are reading this why can't you relocate so our kids can grow up together? :) 

My youngest sister left before we took pictures so she didn't make it in any of mine. Sorry Jessie, we still love you! The happy parents and my sister. Good thing I wore heels or you would be able to see how short I am in comparison to my family. Some how the tall gene completely skipped over me and landed with the other three kids. Imagine me four inches shorter. Weird I know! Anyway, Devin is glad to be done with school and will be heading to Wayland next year. 

A trip to the Granny and Gramps' must include golf cart and tractor rides. This kid could ride either one all day and never get tired. Watch out, as soon as she gets tall enough she will set out on her own. 

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