Friday, July 13, 2012

Hodge Podge

Dr. Suess visited Abilene a few weeks back. Talk about festivities galore! We only hit up art walk on Thursday night, but enjoyed walking around and eating snow cones.

Madeline had a cat painted on her face. She was a little unsure and wanted 
daddy to hold her hand, but she did great.

Cutest cat face I ever did see! Although next time we might avoid this type of face painting.
 It was stinky!!!!

Meeting the cat in the hat.

Take a break.

We celebrated Father's Day. My favorite guy and gal posing with his father's day gift. He opened it as soon as he got home that afternoon. Some little girl can't keep a secret and started asking daddy to share his candy. Next time I will have to wrap it when she isn't around! ha! She was so excited about the candy and she hasn't quite figured out the whole present/surprise idea.

Her latest thing is wanting to have a baby in her tummy. She is a great little mommy to her baby dolls, but I don't know if it is because we know so many pregnant women/people who just had a baby, either way she is fascinated with a baby in her tummy. We told her she has to be a lady and married before that happens. She also wants to get back into my tummy. This kid cracks me up! 

Enjoying some summer fun in the sun. She is sporting her new gifts from one of our dear friends! As you can tell she is very excited. A water baby for sure!

Lastly, we took down her toddler bed and moved her into the big bed. We are TIRED of the toys taking over the living room. Hopefully we can get most of them moved into her room now that there is some room. 

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