Thursday, July 5, 2012

I can see, I can see!

At the beginning of the year we noticed our sweet pea's eyes crossing a little bit here and there, not really thinking about it too much. Shortly after we noticed the crossing occurred mainly when she tried to focus in on something close to her face.

 After talking to her pediatrician, he referred us to the ophthalmologist who performed her eye surgery for the clogged tear duct last year. We took her in and he was pretty sure it was Accommodative Esotropia, meaning she is farsighted in both eyes and her right eye would cross to "accommodate" the other eye allowing her to focus on close objects. He assured us it would be fixed with glasses, but we could wait six months to see if anything changed.

 Honestly, I had a very hard time accepting and dealing with this, after all it was only glasses and I am very familiar with wearing them. No biggie, right? After lots of prayer and talking it over, Mike and I decided it was time to face the music and get our baby girl some glasses.  Having a child who can converse back and forth has been a HUGE blessing. We were able to discuss getting glasses with her for several months in preparation and allowed her to decide what kind of glasses she wanted. Anyone who knows this child knows about her obsession, I mean love for purple. Surprisingly, getting glasses was easy. She found the ones she liked and was done "shopping." We ended up with two pair, just in case and she has done AMAZING!!!! 

We are so thankful for all those who prayed over this situation and are so happy about how well she has done wearing glasses. After all of that anxiety over her wearing them, we have several people come up and ask about her glasses who ended up having the same issue as a child. Another way God eased my mind and soften my heart about her wearing glasses. Another praise, we are thankful we noticed the signs early, prompting an easier and short term solution rather than surgery. 

I know I am biased, but she looks absolutely ADORABLE in them and I feel like it makes her look so mature. My baby is growing up too fast. Someone make it stop!! 

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