Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Megan! We love you!!!

Today is Megan's 6th birthday (my sweet niece). We celebrated her birthday this past weekend in Lubbock at my sister and BIL's house.

Getting her hair did... for the party!

Megan with her friends.... waiting to eat some cupcakes!

I don't think I realized how hard pinatas are to crack open. The kids were very entertaining and managed to knock the pinata down. They had to beat it up pretty badly to get to the goods...

Speaking of is hard to believe that Madeline will be a year old in 4 months. I have searched million websites for inspiration. I also have about 80% of her birthday presents purchased. I am excited to plan a party because I looove to entertain, but the thought of Madeline turning one saddens me a little. This year has gone by too quickly and I can't believe she isn't the same 4 pound baby we brought home last November, but instead an almost 20 pound eight month old. I want to hold her as much as I can because I know in the next few months she will be mobile and will not want me holding her....

(this is what she was doing last night while I was cooking dinner... I guess we are going to have to start childproofing the house sooner than I thought!)

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  1. "I don't think I realized how hard pinatas are to crack open." ...

    Miss yall! Love the blog!