Saturday, July 31, 2010

What in the World are you doing?

Last Sunday we had a commissioning service for a family in our church who are heading to Spain to serve as missionaries. As they began their testimony, they addressed the common responses of people who know about their upcoming move. Many people have asked “what in the world are you doing?” Their life is good…two kids, settled in Abilene, own their home, great church life, the kids are involved in soccer and ballet.…but God was pulling them in a different direction. God was the one asking “what in MY world are you doing?“

I had to hold the tears back because I felt a little tug on my heart. I am so excited that this family has responded to God’s call, selfishly I hate to seem them go because we are very close to them, but the tears were not for sadness, but the realization that God was maybe speaking to me. Maybe this was God’s way of asking me the same question! What have I been doing in God’s world? Am I on fire for missions? Service? Or church? Do I want to be a active part of God’s kingdom or am I willing to sit here while others are serving and responding? Maybe God has called me to do something and I am not responding and not listening because I am busy right now. You know I have a baby that requires a lot of my time and it is a lot easier to just stay at home with her….but what if God responded to my needs in the way that I often respond… I will think about that…or do that next time… I think it is time to quit waiting for the best time.

I have struggled with this for the past few months. When I worked for the church I experienced and witnessed ministry everyday, but I think I have taken the backseat and lost interest since I have started staying at home. I still love ministry and want to be involved in where God wants me. I want to use the gifts and talents I have been given to share God to others, but most importantly live a Christian life. I want to be an example for those around me...establish a Christian home for Madeline...give her the opportunity to grow up knowing and seeking God's will for her life.

Every day should be about serving God and responding to what God has called us to do…. called me to do… There are so many ways for me to take my cross share the Great News or to offer my self in the service of God, but I sit still when I should be jumping up and down for the opportunity to share God's greatness….to be a part of something bigger and better… I can’t take a vacation or time off from God….I need to stay close and serve..and be obedient.

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